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RRS superior Bolt- In rack & pinion systems since 2000.

RRS GT6 Rack & Pinion

  • 5 year warranty
  • Fast ratio with no loss of lock to lock from stock
  • Reducing bump steer by over 70% providing precise accurate and direct steering
  • Internal column conversion kit
  • ADR approval
  • After sales service
  • Suit early classic Falcon, Fairlane, Mustang, Maverick & many more Ford monocoque (uni-body) chassis
  • Available in power or manual
  • RRS top quality parts feature RRS patented linear tracking (3rd stabilising position) This allows maximum loading without any loss of stability or fatigue failure

The RRS Advantage

Internal Column Conversion Kit

RRS GT6 Bolt -In Rack  is supplied with an internal column conversion kit & lower column seal & engine mount spacers (for those cars that suffer engine sag out).

  •  High grade bearings & universal joints
  • RRS bespoke products are built specifically for your car
  • Complete online instructions to take you through step by step the column conversion

Acetal Resin


RRS GT6 Rack uses an acetal resin drag bar interconnecting seat.

  •  30% stronger
  • Light weight 60grams
  • Precise formed

Polished Stainless

Steel Bar

RRS GT6 Rack uses a polished stainless steel bar.

  •  Non corrosive
  • Long life

Linear Slider

(Linear-motion bearing)

RRS GT6 Rack uses a linear slider in our patented linear tracking system

  •  3rd connection
  • Smooth & Precise

Inner Tie Rod

(Car specific)

The stock steering geometry on a classic Ford is poor. The RRS rack configuration will correct a  70% of bump steer and is the only rack with this level of adjustability.

  • Non corrosive long life inner tie rod

CNC Machined

(from high grade Alloy)

RRS GT6 Rack uses light weight aluminium precision CNC machined linear tracking brackets.

  • Light weight 65grams
  • Precise CNC machined

Linear Tracking

(Patent Protected)

RRS GT6 Rack uses a patented linear tracking system

  •  3rd connection
  • Stability & longevity

Custom Built

Rail Brackets

Each generation of car have different chassis rail steering box and idler arm mounting positions, RRS has developed series of rack bracket configurations to cover 57 different ford models.

Custom Built

Drag Bar Brackets

As the rail brackets set the angle of the rack in the car,  the Drag Bar bracket sets the crucial inner tie rod pivot points to gain correct steering geometry.

Billet Alloy Drag Bar

(Model specific)

The RRS rack configuration is completed by our model specific billet alloy drag bars that allow for optimum inner tie rod pivot points, for optimum steering geometry.

RRS bolt in rack and pinion  for classic fords

Includes brackets mounted in stock position and

 internal column conversion kit.

Mustang 1964 ½ - 1973

Comet 1960 – 77

Australian Falcon 1960 – 87

Mercury Cougar 1967 - 69

Australian Fairlane 1962 – 87

Maverick 1969 – 77

USA Falcon 1960 – 70

Torino 1968 - 70

USA Fairlane 1962 – 69

Ranchero 1960-71

The RRS Advantage


  • The RRS GT6 Rack is engineered specifically to comply with Australian & European engineering standards, which exceed American and Chinese standards.
  • Simple bolt-in construction, mounts in stock location
  • Power or manual steering. RHD or LHD applications available
  • Top quality components from trusted international manufacturers
  • RRS patented linear tracking system assures tight & precise steering & longevity throughout the life of the steering rack
  • A complete steering shaft assembly & bearings are supplied to fit original Ford column & steering wheels as well as aftermarket units with accurate, durable needle roller universal joints, intermediate shaft & mounting bracket.

GT6 fast ratio manual rack & pinion rack



  • Simple to install with no special tools required, machined and fabricated to fit into stock mount location.
  • Vastly reduces stock bump steer.
  • 3 turns lock to lock
  •  6.6 kilos lighter for manual steering & 4.2 kilos for power steering than stock.
  • RRS manual racks are the best choice for drag racers (super lightweight and stable at high speeds)
  • Manual equal to 16:1 steering box
  • Full 5 year Warranty


Note: However, for street usage the RRS manuals steering racks may decrease driver comfort because of increased steering wheel resistance at low speeds.


  • Use correct fluid e.g. such as KRC # PSF 100 32 000 or Nulon PSF-1


RRS bolt in rack and pinion bracket
fitting the bolt in RRS rack n pinion system
RRS intermediate shaft for rack and pinion

GT-Rack wheel alignment instructions

Options Extras
- Competition style power steering pump.
 - Braided stainless power steering hoses with "AN6" fittings.
Please read before you order
  • RRS Rack & Pinion NOT suitable for column shift
  • All Shorty and mainstream brand Tri Y headers will clear RRS rack installations.  Some long tube or custom made headers may not fit.
  • RRS rack & pinion must be located in original stock steering location i.e. original steering box and idler arm bolt holes
  • Originally a LHD factory manual gearbox has a Z bar linkage for clutch operation – this linkage fouls (universal joint) and will require modification or a cable or hydraulic conversion


Remote reservoir, race bred pump with pulley, conversion brackets, bolts & washers
  • The RRS Race Bred Power Steering Pump Kit is a new "retro fit" replacement unit.
  • The pump kit comes with all the attaching hardware to allow a direct bolt up to the original P/S bracket
  • Unlike the original factory pumps the RRS race bred pump is fitted with bearings rather than bushes for sustained high speed operation & reliability .The RRS pump  will remove the small air bubbles that cause your system to groan and moan and can cause hard spots in the steering. The result of this process is a quieter and smoother operation.
  • The RRS pump kit has been engineered for today's most demanding performance applications such as road racing and autocross competitions and is equally at home on a street performance Ford.
  • The remote mounted reservoir gives you more room to work around the engine as well as additional options for placement of the Ford OE style fluid box.

RRS braided hydraulic lines with AN6 fitting ends will connect to original pump kit or RRS pump kit.

The high pressure line up to 5000lbs of pressure, low pressure line 6 “ longer for easy application and up to 3000lbs of pressure.


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RRS bolt in rack and pinion  for classic fords

RRS intermediate shaft for rack and pinion
  • e
RRS bolt in rack and pinion  for classic fords
RRS bolt in rack and pinion  for classic fords
RRS bolt in rack and pinion bracket
RRS bolt in rack and pinion  for classic fords