EA-EL Falcon performance parts

The EA to EL Falcon are starting the journey from yesterdays taxi to tomorrows hot rod, a huge stock of low cost cars are available. RRS are beginning to tool up for this emerging market, RRS can currently supplying the EA to EL range with a three link rear suspension system, rear brake kits and an under dash brake booster.

RRS are in the final testing of the HO3 coil over strut, which will allow EA to EL owners to upgrade the front brakes and suspension. The HO3 will allow for three inchs of height adjustment from stock, reduction in unsprung weight, and faster suspension reaction time.

The design of the EA to EL front brake mounting means very limited brake options, the development of the HO3 will allow fitting of the RRS front brakes Phase 1 to 7.

RRS are planning an August 2016 release of the HO3 alone with variations to the Typhoon, Shotgun, and Thunderbolt engine swaps.

If you are racing in the EA on the circuit or building EA to EL drag car or building the first EA to EL show car give RRS a call and see what we can do to help your build.

Front suspension & brakes

Rear suspension

Rear Brakes

Brake Booster

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Revelation Racing Supplies

Revelation Racing Supplies