69 70 Mustang STEERING PARTS

The Complete Package

The RRS powered 69 70 Mustang GT Rack is a complete package, RRS supply everything you need to install. In your Mustang rack pack you will get the rack, the brackets, the internal column kit, a set of interactive instructions and a 5 year comprehensive warranty.

Easy to Install   -  Simple Bolt-In   no cutting  - no welding

Fully Engineered   - VSB14 compliant  - F.E.A. tested and certified

Lighter and Stronger - lightweight stress-tested components

Optimal steering Geometry - drastically reduces factory bump

Superior reliability  - 5 Year - unlimited mileage -Warranty

Precision steering   -  Constant Mesh Rack - no slop - no play

Faster ratio  - reducing turns lock to lock while maintaining turning circle

Reduced Steering Load   - eliminates Pittman Arm load

Complete System   - bump steer correction built-in, column conversion kit, tie rods,  brackets, loader spreaders, bolts, nuts, and, washers  included

Pump options - works with factory pumps - after market pumps -new and used electric pumps.


Simple to install, no special tools machining or fabrication fits to stock Mustang steering locations.

GT Powered Rack Installation instructions

Fast Ratio

3.22 turns lock to lock Constant mesh design



  The RRS pump kit has been engineered for today's most demanding performance applications road racing and auto-cross competitions but is equally at home on the street

  • Remote reservoir

  • RRS race bred pump with pulley

  • Conversion  brackets

  • Bolts & washers

     The RRS Advantage

  •  Light weight silver hoses supplied for the RRS powered  rack & pinion
  • Stainless steel braided hoses with air craft quality end fittings.
  •  High pressure line up to 5000lbs of pressure, low pressure line 6 “ longer for easy application and up to 3000lbs of pressure.


Manual Rack & Pinion
(only RHD Mustang)

GT Manual Rack  Installation instructions

The Complete  Package

  • The RRS manual GT Rack is a complete package & RRS supply everything you need to install. In the RRS pack you will get the rack, brackets, internal column kit, full installation instructions, after sales service, & a full 5 year warranty.

Light Weight

  • Building a drag car or a drift, weight reduction is your goal, installing the Manual RRS GT rack will save you 6.6kg or 14.5lbs

Fast Ratio

  • 3 turns lock to lock equal to 16:1 steering box ratio

Bump Steer Correction

  • The RRS manual rack is the only rack with bump steer correction, up to 70% of bump steer can be eliminated.

The Little Extras

  • RRS kits come with spacers to combat engine sag out, grease nipples for the inner tie rods.

Easy Installation

  • Simple to install, no special tools, no machining or fabrication, fits to stock steering locations


The RRS Advantage

  • Billet construction
  • Full 11/16 thread engagement
  • High grade steel sleeve
  • Positive link between inner & outer tie rod ends
  • Includes 4 locking nuts



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