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I can't tell you how much I enjoy driving the car. Weather it's a smooth drive straight down the interstate Freeway or taking tight corners through the mountains on a winding two lane highway. It handles like a new car. As a matter  of fact I would say it handles as good as my BMW 330XI. The suspension is wonderful and the steering is unmatched compared to other rack and pinion systems I've driven.

   The front and rear brakes are great  and with 500 ponies under the hood I definitely need the stopping power. I recommend RRS suspension steering & braking to anyone wanting that new car drive and safety in the old muscle car.

     Thanks for helping make my machine what it is today!




Greg Vogel

1965 Mustang Super Snake

Newly approved Mustang by the Norwegian car inspection. RRS front and rear suspension, phase 3 front brakes, phase 2 at the rear, rack and pinion...

Yesterday test at the racetrack Rudskogen with toyo 888: easy to adjust the shocks, braking without any fading, no slide out with the rear end. Overall very pleased with the RRS package.

A couple Restomod Mustang with everything RRS three link, under dash brake booster, HO2 coil over Phase4 brake package, Cobra2 rear drum in disc brake package, and more.

Chad McQueen son of Steve McQueen tribute car built in a restomod of the Bullit car. With full RRS running gear, 3-link, coil overs, brake packages. lower control arms, gt rack powered fast ratio rack.

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1965 Mustang Super Snake featuring RRS suspension and steering
1965 Mustang Super Snake featuring RRS suspension and steering