The RRS powered GT Rack is a complete package and we supply everything you need to install. In our pack you get rack, brackets, internal column kit, interactive instructions and a 5 year comprehensive warranty.

Building a high performance classic, or daily driver, weight reduction is key, installing the Powered RRS GT rack will save you 9¼lbs


Simple to install, no special tools machining or fabrication fits to stock steering locations.

     The RRS Advantage

  •  Light weight silver hoses supplied for the RRS powered  rack & pinion
  • Stainless steel braided hoses with air craft quality end fittings.
  •  High pressure line up to 5000lbs of pressure, low pressure line 6 “ longer for easy application and up to 3000lbs of pressure.

  The RRS pump kit has been engineered for today's most demanding performance applications road racing and auto-cross competitions but is equally at home on the street

  • Remote reservoir

  • RRS race bred pump with pulley

  • Conversion  brackets

  • Bolts & washers


The Complete Package


GT Powered Rack Installation instructions

GT Manual Rack  Installation instructions

Fast Ratio

3.22 turns lock to lock Constant mesh design


Manual Rack & Pinion

"Road Race Science"

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The RRS Advantage

  • Billet construction
  • Full 11/16 thread engagement
  • High grade steel sleeve
  • Positive link between inner & outer tie rod ends
  • Includes 4 locking nuts



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The Complete  Package

  • The RRS manual GT Rack is a complete package & RRS supply everything you need to install. In the RRS pack you will get the rack, brackets, internal column kit, full installation instructions, after sales service, & a full 5 year warranty.

Light Weight

  • Building a drag car or a drift, weight reduction is your goal, installing the Manual RRS GT rack will save you 6.6kg or 14.5lbs

Fast Ratio

  • 3 turns lock to lock equal to 16:1 steering box ratio

Bump Steer Correction

  • The RRS manual rack is the only rack with bump steer correction, up to 70% of bump steer can be eliminated.

The Little Extras

  • RRS kits come with spacers to combat engine sag out, grease nipples for the inner tie rods.

Easy Installation

  • Simple to install, no special tools, no machining or fabrication, fits to stock steering locations



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